ESR 10: Andriy Kuzmyn, Aquamarijn, The Netherlands

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I completed my Master degree in Biotechnology at Lviv Polythechnic National University. During my studies, I have gained comprehensive experience in fields of the biochemistry biophysics and polymeric chemistry. In my second year of studies, I was youngest scientist in research group that worked in Ukrainian-Russian scientific project “Diagnostic test systems based on polymeric microspheres with narrow size distribution.” My role in that project was the immobilization of different types of proteins on surfaces of polymeric microspheres. As the master student, I was involved in projects concerned on development new polymeric carriers for anticancer drugs. This work has resulted in the synthesis of copolymers based on glycidyl methacrylate and N-vinylpyrrolidone, furthermore biological studies were conducted, which had shown high efficiency of the conjugate based on the synthesized copolymer and the anticancer drug doxorubicin. I have continued my research career in Czech Academy of Science Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry (IMC), Department Biomaterials and Bioanalogous Systems. My research was focused on the design of polymer biomaterials and functional biomaterial interfaces that can be used as supporting structures for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering and biosensors. I was part of the scientific projects “Interaction of complex biological fluids with synthetic surfaces resistant to protein adsorption” and “Nanobiophotonics for future health care”. Those projects have provided me with comprehensive practical and theoretical skills in synthesis of antifouling polymer brushes utilizing different monomers via Controlled Radical Polymerization.
Hobbies Travelling is my passion. I enjoy spending time abroad it gives you a new look on your own country and world as whole.
I own a bike from early childhood, I really like cycling. I extremely pleased to see so many people Netherlands on bikes. Riding a bike is about keeping a balance, this is also applied to life you need to keep balance in different aspect of life.
Motivation Being a scientist is probably the coolest job of all. You are never get bored you are coastally exploring new and amazing. I am grateful to Aquamarijn Micro Filtration BV for providing me with opportunity do amazing project that will be helpful for community and will be a great challenge for my scientific skills and imagination. I believe that the main purpose of science is improving and saving human lives.
Motto: “Let our hopes and dreams guide us”

Andriy Kuzmyn