Summer schools

1st FoodSmartphone Summer School: Summer school on Smartphone-based Assay Development & Open Science

RIKILT Wageningen UR, Wageningen, The Netherlands, June 26-30, 2017 This summer school was mandatory for the 11 ESRs but also open to other PhD students from both the academic and private sectors. In total, 32 students and researchers from 12 countries and 21 different nationalities participated in this course. The course was composed of lectures, working groups, labwork, a cross-cultural communication workshop and finished with a most inspiring guest lecture on Sensing and Diagnostics through Computational Photonics by prof. Aydogan Ozcan from UCLA (USA). Following a ‘setting the scene session’ in which the EU food monitoring policy, the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) and EU validation schemes were introduced, a range of scientific topics from surface chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, microfluidics, engineering and software design were covered. Apart from these key lectures on specific building blocks and techniques relevant for smartphone-based food analysis, several cases were discussed from smartphone literature. The common scientific knowledge base was complemented with transferable skills training such as in critical reading and debating literature, presentations following labwork, organization skills through the establishment of an ESR council and communication skills.

2nd FoodSmartphone Summer School: Food Applications, QA/QC and Validation

University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic, summer 2018

3rd FoodSmartphone Summer School: Software Design and FoodSmartphone Exploitation

Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom, summer 2019

4th FoodSmartphone Summer School: Final FoodSmartphone Network Conference and Open Day

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), BVarcelona, Spain, summer 2019