ESR 12: Ariadni Geballa Koukoula, RIKILT, Wageningen University & Research,The Netherlands

Confirmatory Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

I am Ariadni, and for those who know me for years, Aria or Aru! I was born and raised in Athens, Greece and I am a graduate of the School of Pharmacy from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Studying Pharmacy, I completed a broad range of modules and I developed a strong knowledge background. Most importantly, I realized my inclination towards the work on the laboratory bench and I choose to perform an experimental thesis in the field of pharmaceutical nanotechnology, from which I learned how to develop and assess liposomal dispersions. After the acquisition of my B.Sc. degree, I pursued postgraduate studies to further expand my knowledge into the more specialized field of “pharmaceutical analysis and quality control”. I am really passionate about the field of analysis and the fact that analytical techniques may serve as a powerful scientific tool. For my M.Sc. thesis, I handled HPLC-ESI-MS for the quantification of metronidazole and fluconazole in human breast milk and I contributed to ongoing projects in the laboratory of pharmaceutical analysis. Other than that, as a person, I am really sociable and I enjoy a good coffee with friends, I like watching movies and cooking, while most of the times that I feel inspired, I express myself with painting.
The FoodSmartphone project and my position at WFSR, will offer me the possibility to handle state-of-the-art instrumentation, acquire considerable new knowledge on food analysis and mass spectrometry and all that while I will have the opportunity to study abroad for the first time - hopefully, a life-changing experience. Food quality covers a variety of aspects, so being able to contribute to a project of such significance, that will make food testing approachable to the wider public, is great. Moreover, the fact that the FoodSmartphone project promotes mobility to different countries by attending secondments and participation in conferences, will offer me the opportunity to meet new places while investing in new knowledge.

Ariadni Geballa Koukoula