ESR 17: Julian Guercetti, CSIC

Multiplex binding array design for FoodSmartphones

My name is Julian, I’m a PhD candidate working in the Nanobiotechnology for Diagnostic Group, IQAC-CSIC located in Barcelona, Spain under supervision of Dr. J-Pablo Salvador and Prof. Pilar Marco. I’m 24 years old and I was born and raised in Neuquén, Argentina. I obtained my B.Sc. degree in Chemistry at the school of Biochemistry and Pharmacy of the National University of Rosario.
Throughout my studies I realized that my interest was more oriented to the Biological Sciences and that encouraged me to pursue a master in Biotechnology at the same University. During my thesis, I worked in the study of metronomic chemotherapy in a triple negative murine mammary adenocarcinoma, acquiring knowledge in molecular and cell biology. After that I was granted with a fellowship to study the role of Vav proteins (GEFs) in melanoma obtaining more experience in the field.
Outside the academic area, I could describe myself as an active and curious person, passionate about traveling and discovering new places and cultures. I also like sports and spend time with friends and family.
My position in this project will give me the bases to deepen in biosensors field as well as nanobiotechnology trends. In particular my research focuses on the development of a platform for multiplexed detection of antibiotics in milk samples based on DNA-addressable arrays with Smartphone read out system. The potential of using antibodies as biorecognition elements combined with the portability of Smartphones as detection devices poses a novel approach in biosensors. Take part in a project like this is a motivating challenge to learn and contribute to an important demand as food safety.

Julian Guercetti