ESR 8: Klaudia Kopper, CSIC, Barcelona, Spain

Electrode arrays for FoodSmartphones

My name is Klaudia Kopper, I am a PhD candidate working at the Nanobiotechnology for Diagnostics research group, led by Prof. Pilar Marco at the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia Ė Spanish Council for Scientific Research in Barcelona, Spain. I am originally from Budapest, Hungary, I did my Bachelorís and Masterís Degree in biochemical engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. During my Masterís thesis I was working on the establishment of prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein-expression systems at the in vitro biology research group of Semmelweis University, Budapest. I discovered my love for research there and decided to explore further fields of science aswell. For the above reasons I applied for a traineeship at my current research group (Nb4D), where I have been participating in the development of an electrochemical immunosensor for the detection of contaminants in marine waters (SEA-on-a-CHIP project). During my time there I have become particularly interested in working with immunoassays and immunosensors, being one of the main reasons that made me decide to apply for a PhD position in the FoodSmartphone project. In this regard I am very interested in molecular biology, immunology, food biochemistry and analytical chemistry. I am very excited to be participating in the process of designing electrode arrays for the multiplex detection of food contaminants for FoodSmartphones and also about the prospect of working alongside ten other early stage researchers, each of them from different origins and scientific backgrounds, performing research all over Europe. I am hoping that with our joined forces and resources we will be able to develop a device that will significantly increase the value of peopleís daily lives. Apart from my professional interests I have a love for nature, hiking and photography. I also enjoy dancing, painting and baking.

Klaudia Kopper