ESR 9: Sahl Sadegi, Linköping University (LIU), Sweden

Plasmonic imaging FoodSmartphones

Sahl Sadeghi is a PhD candidate working in the Optical Device Laboratory, led by Prof. Daniel Filippini research group at Linköping University. Sahl is a mechanical engineer, and has a MSc degree in material science and engineering from Sabanci University, Turkey and is in the process of obtaining his second MSc in mechatronics engineering. The focus of his master’s degree in material science engineering was the graft polymerization of ionic conductive polymers from hydrophobic fluorinated polymers, while his newest thesis investigates the development of microfluidic cell growth and stress response analysis platforms at single cell resolution by means of lab-on-chip devices. In addition, he has hands-on experience in the electrochemical tests used to measure the fuel cell electrode activity and fuel cell membrane ionic conductivity. Besides the main projects that he undertook for his thesis, he had the opportunity to take part in the synthesis of miRNA tagged magnetic nano-particles for hyperthermia cancer treatment, polymer nano-particle synthesis and functionalization of Graphene nano-particles. Sahl’s main interest is to design analytical micro/nano devices to study biological systems. In this regard, he is very interested in molecular biology, microscopy, physics, and mechatronics. Apart from his professional interests, he is fond of philosophy, psychology, history and economy. Sahl's hobbies usually include reading, trekking, and swimming as well as bicycle design.

Sahl Sadegi